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Your guide to collecting evidence at an accident scene
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Your guide to collecting evidence at an accident scene

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Firm News

car accident is a stressful and often frightening experience. Unfortunately, it is often up to the people in the accident to collect most of the evidence at the scene. This evidence may be extremely valuable to your case and is only available for a short time. 

Remembering to gather the necessary evidence could be difficult in the aftermath of a crash. It may be helpful to keep an accident checklist in your vehicle with your owner’s manual or insurance information. 

Contact information

After calling law enforcement, always talk to the other driver, if possible. In addition to insurance information, try to get as much contact information as you can for the driver, any passengers, and any witnesses. Also, make a note of the names of any law enforcement officers or emergency responders at the scene. 

Scene details

If you have a phone or other electronic device, use it to take pictures and video of the scene. Photos and videos capture a large amount of evidence very quickly. Try to document information such as damage to vehicles, license plate numbers, vehicle positions, street signs, traffic signals, weather conditions and license plate numbers. Be sure to keep the sound on in case you pick up any statements or admissions. 

Your recollection

After collecting information from other people at the scene, take a moment to jot down or dictate your recollection of the accident. Include such details as the outside conditions, where you were coming from and where you were going, what you saw and heard just before the accident and what you did to try to avoid the crash. 

After an accident, you may feel shaken or upset. However, staying calm and gathering evidence may pay off if you need to make a claim.