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Soft tissue injuries common in a car crash
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Soft tissue injuries common in a car crash

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Firm News

Car accidents are no laughing matter. The property damage may prove troublesome, but if you wind up with an injury, it may sideline your work and personal life. 

Some of the most common injuries suffered in car accidents are those to the soft tissue in your body. These are the muscles, ligaments and tendons that help move and protect the body. When you sustain an injury to soft tissue, the location may determine how serious it is. Learn more about some of the most common soft tissue injuries. 


The neck’s soft tissue is crucial for keeping the head upright, allowing it to turn and for protecting the delicate spinal cord that runs into the brain stem. However, the most common soft tissue injury you may find yourself dealing with after a crash is to the neck. Whiplash is the term given to a series of microtears in the neck. This injury is the result of the violent snapping forward and back of the head. 


Hands holding the steering wheel become prone to injury in an accident. The force pushed through the vehicle and into the hands may result in tears, sprains and strains to the wrists and forearms. The severity of the accident dictates how widespread the damage winds up, but you may find yourself dealing with conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or sprain. 

Some car accident injuries are easy to identify, while others may prove challenging to diagnose and treat. Remain patient and diligent with your medical team while you recover from the effects of a crash.